The Project

The One Billion Pennies Project In A Nutshell


Have you ever asked yourself the following question..

Is it possible to receive one penny from everyone in the world?

The human population of this world is estimated to be around 7.3 billion people. So, if we take the number 7.3 billion and received all the pennies right now, the answer would be 7,300,000,000 pennies. That would be impossible right?..


Well yes that would be impossible. Here's why?

If we say that 20% of the human population are most likely under the age of 16, too young to work or own their own pennies, that brings the number down to 5.4 billion. Also add to the equation, the older generation of over 65's possibly claiming a pension or living on savings, where every penny counts, that's another 20%. This brings the total down to 4.3 billion.

World poverty is another factor to think about. More than half, 50% of the world's population live on the breadline, homeless or in extreme poverty. It's sad, but very true, so obviously this percentage are excluded from the project.


Why The One Billion Pennies Project?

Lets start again. Take the world population 7,300,000,000. Take away 50%, this equals 3,650,000,000. Then deduct 10% for the under 16's not in poverty, and 10% for the over 65's not in living within the poverty percentage.

Now we're not mathematicians, but Google says that's 2,920,000,000.

Lets remove the odd 920 million for people that possibly don't have internet access or unable to view this website. That leaves 2 billion people. Still quite a large number, but that's two billion people that probably wouldn't miss a penny, care to loose a penny or wouldn't even pick up a penny if it were lying on the ground.

We're also going to half it. Why? Lets be honest, One Billion Pennies is a more realistic goal. It's also less than the total population of Europe and United States combined.


What if the project works? What will happen to all our pennies?

Well that would be an outstanding achievement. It would also mean 13.6% of the world's population were up for a challenge and we'll donate a very large split sum to three reputable charity organizations.



Are you one of the 13.6 percent? ~ We hope so.


Help us accumulate One Billion Pennies for a good cause.

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